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An Interview to Vittorio Vigiano, the new Product Specialist at Soleko’s IOL Division

A new entry in the Soleko IOL Division team.

From November 2020, Soleko’s team has seen the hiring of a new professional profile: we are talking about Vittorio Vigiano, Product Specialist IOL Division. 

We decided to interview Dr. Vigiano to get to know him a bit more. First of all, who is Vittorio Vigiano? Born in Rieti in 1996, he was then grew up in Castelli Romani’s area. He graduated in Orthoptic and ophthalmologic assistance at “La Sapienza University of Rome”.             

Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to challenge himself with several working experiences in eye clinics, between Tuscany and Piedmont regions. Alongside the orthoptist role, where he had the ownership of the execution of all the diagnostic tools that are present in the protocols of the clinics, he also worked as operating theatre surgeon’s assistant and the opportunity to get closer to the world of intraocular surgery. 

Here are some questions we asked him in order to dig deeper in his goals and objectives, in the challenges that await him in his job, as well as the most important aspects         


Q: Dr. Vigiano, what made you decide to join Soleko’s team in the IOL Division?

A: During my previous working experiences, I used to deal with everything had to do with a pre-ophtalmological visit, and to have a direct contact with patients, their problems and difficulties. Among these, cataract was one of the most frequent ones. I have always found great professional satisfaction in following and helping patients during their pre-surgery tests, in analyzing results and in finding the best solution to each specific case. All of this was obviously useful in assuring the optimal outcome of the surgery procedure in order to let the patient and his relatives to achieve a better quality of life. 

I saw this opportunity in Soleko’s IOL Division as an upgrade, following my passion towards biometric calculations, allowing me to accurately analyze very complex cases and challenging situations. 

During this new professional experience I have the chance to work and assist Eng. Motokage Kawamukai, who has more than 40 years’ experience in the optical and intraocular lenses industry. Day by day I am trying to learn all his know-how and abilities that you rarely get to study on books. I would like to take advantage of this interview to publicly thank him for his guidance and for constantly being a source of inspiration to me. 


Q: What are the main features of your role in Soleko’s IOL Division?

A: My role in Soleko’s IOL Division consist in consulting, supporting and in performing actual calculations of the impact that a specific IOLs have on patients whose, for strictly related eye disease conditions, it is more difficult to choose the correct dioptric power of the lens to implant. 

In this context, Soleko’s customized IOLs represent the best solution for this kind of patients. All this, is made possible thanks to the skills of our technicians in the production area: Eng. Luca Scalorbi and the Production Manager Massimo Danella, always able to create “ad-hoc” lenses like true taylors, allowing the surgeon to deliver always the best solution to every patient and to every eye. 

Even though my work started only a few months ago I already feel like as an integral part of Soleko’s IOL Division team. For this reason, I would like to become the “spokesman” of the team to all external audiences and to communicate the passion and quality that the technicians daily share with me. 


Q: Are there challenges that you will have to face with in the near future?

A: Right now I am focused on improving all the techniques related to the calculations, thanks to Eng. Kawamukai’ s experience. In this initial period of time my role is strictly linked to the production department of the firm. Currently I'm improving my expertise, under the directions of the technicians, about all the steps that leads to creation of a new IOL following each and every step of the production: from the staring spreadsheet up to the actual packaging of the finished product.

Moreover, my goal is to convey to the outside the quality and passion that stands behind the production of every single IOL. Up until I joined the team, this was a hide side of the story that’s been one of the most fascinating to me, since then I didn’t know anything about it…

What’s next? I see myself to be more present in the field as a problem-solving resource. By this I mean having a closer relationship with surgeons in the operating room, to bridge their ideas and feedbacks to the right customer inside the company. First of all, my Product Specialist role will represent an expert figure, the main human interface in the customized IOL calculations process, able to give suggestions, in order to always implant the best IOLs Soleko has to offer to the patient. Succeeding in all these tasks will allow me to follow the whole lifecycle of the IOL and close the loop with our products.